Fight monsters! Solve puzzles! Wipe your nose! Gesundheit! is a booger-flinging action-puzzle game available for iPhone/iPod Touch and iPad. It was designed by yours truly, and developed in collaboration with Revolutionary Concepts. (Also available is the Soundtrack EP.)

Gesundheit! tells the story of little green pig with allergies who narrowly escapes when evil snot-eating monsters invade his village. Finding courage he never knew he had, he sets out to rescue his friends armed with nothing but his runny nose. With hand drawn graphics and an original musical score, Gesundheit! features stealthy arcade-puzzle action as you guide our sniffly hero on his quest across 40 unique and increasingly challenging levels filled with enemies, traps, and lots and lots of snot.

It’s gotten some really swell reviews: 9.5/10 from IGN, 5/5 from TouchArcade, 4.5/5 from TouchGen, 4.5/5 from 148Apps, 8/10 from Eurogamer, and App of the Day on Kotaku.

So where did it come from?

Gesundheit! started as a personal project several years ago. The PC prototype, built with AGS, was showcased at IGF 2008, but since then it’s grown into something much bigger. Published by Konami, the iOS version was developed in collaboration with Revolutionary Concepts–they did the code while I did the art, animation and music, and we collaborated on expanding and reworking the design for touch screen. It was super sweet being able to focus 100% on artsy stuff this time; I got to “remaster” assets in high res, improve the animation, plus there’s a bunch of completely new content.

I’ve done some interviews about the game at IGN and Torontoist, and wrote an old article for Game Developer Magazine in 2008 on designing the PC version.