Hello! I'm Matt Hammill, a game designer and artist based in Toronto, Canada. I focus on making unique and quirky games with lots of personality, like Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime and Gesundheit!. I'm currently Creative Director at Asteroid Base.
Before I got into games, I worked at an animation studio as a CG generalist (meaning I did lots of different stuff, from rigging to animation to compositing) and also as a children's book illustrator. Before that, I studied computer animation and illustration at Sheridan College. These days I try to apply that background in animation and storytelling to my work in games.
I've given talks GDC, PAX, and several local events in Toronto, often about indie game art techniques, and I've served on juries for the IGF Visual Art Award and the Ontario Arts Council. My work has been recognized by the IGF, PAX 10, IndieCade, Fantastic Arcade, EMP Museum, Annie Awards, BIG Festival, Gamercamp, and Pictoplasma.
Maya, Unity (C#), Photoshop, After Effects
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